Vacation with family of five for under $500

porter 2014 vaca


It was May¬†10th 2014, We have been working so hard all year towards saving for a home. We wanted a vacation in the summer since the kids were out but knew it wasn’t a top priority. We only had a $500 budget and how could we possibly go on a vacation, with kids, for a week, for only $500.

Our grandmother has a timeshare in Orlando but her specific time for use, with no out of pocket fee, is in October. The representative informed us that we would have had to pay $500 early transfer fee plus $150 booking fee for a week (3bedroom villa). The representative said, if we are FLEXIBLE and could go to Orlando 30 days from that day, they could give us a $500 credit. Whoohoo!! That was perfect. The kids got out of school on June 6, my husbands last day was June 12 and we had to book it for June 13th!! Perfect!!

Ok, so we were down to $350. The day of the trip, We took the car instead of the truck  which only cost $40 to fill up. Down to $310. Instead of eating out, we packed snacks and groceries (cereal, meat, seasonings, ext) and went to the grocery store and bought $160 worth of food for the week. (Family of 5) Down to $150.

We cooked breakfast every other day, and ate breakfast and BBQ downstairs when the resort had avail for free! cooked lunch every other day . Stayed at the resort everyday and did All of the free activities on campus. Pool everyday, paddle boats, bike riding, basketball challenge, game room, movie theatre. Picked a different activity everyday. Took the kids to downtown Disney on Wednesday Night for free.

Ate breakfast at IHOP on Friday after checking out. $46. Filled up the tank to ride back home. Down to $64. Ate lunch on the way down. $30.

Came home with $34 in pocket.

Whole trip 1 week total :$466!!!

#winning LOL

It’s not always about the amount of money that you have, but rather what you do with what you have that counts! We want to hear about your story!! Comment below. How have you put your #moneyonamission during a vacation?

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